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May 2008

Issue 6 Editors' Note


The Animals Issue

[published: May 14, 2008]

Taken Flight


Falcons whose migration patterns once crossed continents now travel by airplane. And like everyone else in the security line, they must present their passports.

[published: May 14, 2008]

The Birds


Falling is a first flight.
Illustration by Sara Edwards.

[published: May 14, 2008]



A 16mm portrait exploring how caring for others, specifically animals, might help one get through the difficulties of life.

[published: May 13, 2008]

Remains of the Day


Artisans of a kind of realized life-after-death, taxidermists are perpetually at work on an elegy: for the animal, for the natural world, and for a craft threatened by economic instability. Photos by Kramer O’Neill.

[published: May 13, 2008]

Love in Game-space


My romance with a sprite.

[published: May 13, 2008]

Dogs in Bed


In most of the world, dogs are considered filthy animals who aren’t allowed in the house. Yet sharing your bed with your canine is a common, if rarely reported, phenomenon in the United States — despite the havoc it can wreak on your sleeping patterns and sex life. With photos by Keelin Daly.

[published: May 13, 2008]

The Case of the Painted Turtles


How some red-eared sliders made it from the swamps of the deep South to the middle of the biggest park in the densest city in America.

[published: May 13, 2008]

April 2008

Guilty Acts


We stopped by the Black & White Gallery in New York to check out the opening reception for artist Tamara Kostianovsky’s solo debut, Actus Reus.

[published: April 20, 2008]