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[published: May 20, 2009]

Issue 15 Editors' Note

Hidden in Plain Sight

There are things we see that we wish we weren’t seeing. There are things we don’t see because we don’t want to. And sometimes there is a thing we wish we had seen and only realize much later that we already saw it.

Cindy Daignault checks out two Picasso shows—one in New York and one in London. But it’s the former, a retrospective of the artist’s later work at the Gagosian Gallery that she discovers Picasso’s genius never faded as he aged like many critics have written. Also, Mick Jagger still rocks.

Mary Cuddehe reports on the $38-million lawsuit that the U.S. Justice Department filed against Union Pacific for allegedly being an important yet unwilling partner in the trans-border drug exchange between Mexico and America.

Journalist Jorge Luis Sierra reports on the growing violence being waged in the Latino communities of Houston by the brutal MS-13 gang.

What if the best way to bring certain animals back from the brink of extinction is to return them to our food chain? Anne Dailey looks into an interesting movement to save lost breeds of livestock.

Last Exit co-editor Keach Hagey talks to Mara Altman, a former writer for the Village Voice and other publications, about her debut book that recounts her amusing quest for that most blissful of human experiences—an orgasm.

Historian James Kaplan traces the forgotten legacy of Thomas Paine, the architect of American democracy, who died broke and forgotten in Greenwich Village.

—The Editors